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  Rule 76

Rule 76. "Crossing" Orders

When a member has an order to buy and an order to sell the same security, he or she shall offer such security at a price which is higher than his or her bid by the minimum variation permitted in such security before making a transaction with himself or herself. All such bids and offers shall be clearly announced to the trading Crowd before the member may proceed with the proposed "cross" transaction.

The provisions of this rule apply only to manual transactions.

(See Rule 91.)

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.10 Cross Function —

(a) Floor brokers seeking to execute buy and sell orders pursuant to Rule 76 may enter such orders from their wireless hand-held devices ("HHD") into an Exchange-provided quote minder, which will monitor protected bids and offers to determine when the limit price assigned to the proposed crossed orders is such that the orders may be executed consistent with Rule 611 of Regulation NMS. When the trade can be effected at or between the protected bid and offer, the quote minder will: (i) deliver an alert message to the HHD indicating that the order may be crossed; (ii) capture a time-stamped quote at the time that the alert was sent, (iii) commence a 20-second timer from the moment a cross trade may be executed at or between the protected and offer; and (iv) enable a "print" key function in the HHD permitting the Floor broker to cross the orders and print the trade to the Tape within that 20-second time period. Upon receipt of an alert, Floor brokers using the cross function must first announce the bid and offer to the trading Crowd in compliance with this Rule and then cross the stock using the "print" key function in the HHD before the 20-second timer expires.

(b) To be eligible for the Cross Function, the proposed cross transaction must be for at least 10,000 shares or a quantity of stock having a market value of $200,000 or more and may not be for the account of the member or member organization, an account of an associated person, or an account with respect to which the member, member organization or associated person thereof exercises investment discretion.

Amended: June 17, 1991; May 28, 1998; December 14, 2005 (NYSE-2005-87); March 22, 2006 (NYSE-2004-05); October 5, 2006 (NYSE-2006-36); October 5, 2006 (NYSE-2006-82); November 27, 2006 (NYSE-2006-65); September 10, 2012 (NYSE-2012-29).