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  Rule 93

Rule 93. Trading for Joint Account

(a) No member who is approved by the Exchange to initiate transactions on the Exchange Floor or his member organization or any other member or allied member therein, shall, directly or indirectly, hold any interest or participation in any joint account for buying or selling any security on the Exchange, unless such joint account is reported to and not disapproved by the Exchange.

The report should contain the following information for each account:

(1) Name of the account, with names of all participants and their respective interests in profits and losses;

(2) a statement regarding the purpose of the account;

(3) name of the member organization carrying and clearing the account;

(4) a copy of any written agreement or instrument relating to the account.

Any changes which take place in a joint account in respect of the information filed should be reported at once to the Exchange.

(b) No member while on the Floor shall, without the prior approval of a Floor Official, initiate the purchase or sale on the Exchange of stock for any account in which he, his member organization or any other member or allied member therein is directly or indirectly interested with any person other than such member organization or any other member or allied member therein.

(c) The provisions of this Rule shall not apply to any purchase or sale (1) by a member for a joint account maintained solely for effecting bona fide domestic or foreign arbitrage transactions, or (2) by an odd-lot dealer or a DMM for any joint account in which he is expressly permitted to have an interest or participation by Rule 94.


Amended: May 18, 1972; August 11, 1978; April 27, 1983; October 24, 2008 (NYSE-2008-46); May 6, 2015 (NYSE-2015-23).